POMING 3 Phase Servo Volt-meter Type Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for CNC Machine


Product Description

Introduction of products.

3-phase automatic high-precision AC regulator uses intellectual logic regulation method to quickly and stably regulate range of voltage based on voltage amplitude and load characteristic.It obtain the best regulation effect with logic pulse circuit control.It can ensure precise output in case of 3-phase imbalance at input side,nonlinear power supply or heavy load.
The device has self-detection capacity and shows its status with LED lamps,All green lamps indicate the regulator normal and the red lamps indicate abnormal.The output power can be showed with a voltmeter.The regulation boards,and provides the best quality guarantee through TCT automatic testing as well as aging test.
Based on the power demand of equipment,the regulator can make proper settings for precise or heavy-duty equipment,and is also suitable for any region with large voltage change.


Technical parameters

Model PM-310 PM-315 PM-320 PM-330 PM-345 PM-360 PM-375
Capacity 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 30kVA 45kVA 60kVA 75kVA
Voltage 3-pHASE 4-wire 380V/220V series(same with input and output voltage)
Input range ±15% 50/60Hz
Voltage regulation rate ±1%~±2%
Power factor 0.95~1
Efficiency ≥98%
Response time <1S
Waveform distortion None
Direction Power supply With
Voltage With
Abnormality With
Overload capacity 150%  10s
Environment Temperature:-20ºC~45ºC,humidity 0-95%(without dew)
Size(L x W x H) 630x340x540 720x390x600 870x430x720
Weight(kg) 54 65 73 87 123 159 231

Selling Point
Nigeria Digital Display 75kVA 3 Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Package & shipment
1) None-fermigation Wooden Case;
2) Custermized Package;
3) Shipped by Truck, Air or Sea.
Nigeria Digital Display 75kVA 3 Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


As a patent product of PO MING POWER,the regulator is developed and manufactured by technicians with leading technology.This 3-phase automatic AC regulator has up-to-date appearance,reliable design,humanized regulation system and installation panel as well as durable quality.It is widely used for precise machinery,textile equipment,medical equipment,laser equipment,woodworking equipment and aviation equipment and etc.

Quality Control & Certifications:
1 years warranty.
With more than 10 years experience, we produce A-Grade voltage stabilizer/regulator and can offer OEM & ODM service.
All our products have CE certificate and some have obtained patent.
Nigeria Digital Display 75kVA 3 Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Nigeria Digital Display 75kVA 3 Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

About us
Shenzhen Xin Poming Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is established in Guangdong Province of China in 2007, which manufactures and sells voltage regulators, transformers, UPSs, frequency converter, DC power sources and other power products and can provide systemic power solutions for customers with it’s complete product list For clients around the world .

R&D Capacity
We accept customized service, and we develop new items to help our customers to grab the market more easier. Pls give us your detialed requirement if you need us to design for you.

Outlook Design:1 profeesional desinger offer up-to-date attractive outlook designs for each product.
PCB/Circuit Design: 3 Electrical & Electonics Enginneers maximize your idea by their rich experience.
Mechanical Design: with 1 mechanical engineers, from structure to tooling design, for a complete service.
Software Design: The software engineers are expert at Embed MCU Programming.
Nigeria Digital Display 75kVA 3 Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

FAQ(Frequent Asked Qestions)

Q1: What is the MOQ ?
A1: 1 set.

Q2: Is OEM/ODM available?
A2: Yes, it is! Our products can be Customized. We have design and engineer teams,we can customize products according to customers’ drawing or requirements.

Q3: Can we put/show our own Logo on your products?
A3: Yes.

Q4: What is the Terms of Payment?
A4: T/T, Western Union.

Q5: Can you offer Form A or Form E or C/O ?
A5: Yes, no problem, we can apply for it from our local government.

Q6: How is the delivery time ?
A6: It depends your order quantity and it normally takes 3-20 days .

Q7: How long is the service life ?
A7: It is 20-30 years. 

Q8: How long is the warranty ?
A8: Within one year from the sale date, if there are any accessory problems,
you just provide the photos of damaged accessory, then we will provide free accessory.
According to the number of products, we will provide easily damaged accessories for free.
We also can provide technical support if you need.

You’re welcomed to contact us for any questions.






Input Voltage

3 Phase 415V±15% (352V – 477V)
3 Phase 415V±20% (332V – 498V)
3 Phase 400V±15% (340V – 460V)
3 Phase 400V±20% (320V – 480V)
3 Phase 380V±15% (323V – 437V)
3 Phase 380V±20% (304V – 456V)
3 Phase 220V±15% (187V-253V)
3 Phase 220V±20% (176V-264V)
Customizable voltage

Output Voltage Accuracy

±1% – ±5%



Power factor




Response time


Waveform distortion



Power supply

Overload capacity

150% 10s 


Temperature: -20℃~45℃
Humidity 0-95%(without dew)


Precise machinery , textile equipment ,medical  equipment , laser equipment , woodworking equipment and aviation equipment and etc.



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