POMING 2KVA IGBT Single Phase in and out AC Power Supply Output Frequency 40Hz – 499.9Hz Variable


Product description:

High-precision variable-frequency power supply adopts VPWM high-frequency technology (pulse wave width modulation technology), uses high-power imported IGBT module design, input and output are fully isolated, with stable and adjustable frequency, voltage regulation and frequency, voltage, current, Power digital indication and other functions can simulate the power grids of various countries in the world and are widely used in the testing of export products as well as the voltage regulation and frequency modulation tests of various products.

Product characteristics:

  • Output voltage: single voltage 0-330 v, three-phase 0-520v
  • Output frequency: 40-4999.9hz programmable dial setting
  • Voltage, frequency, current, power meter using 4-bit digital led display, convenient, easy to read, high resolution
  • Voltage (V), frequency(HZ), current(A), capacity factor(W),power measurement at the same time, display, do not need to switch
  • No radiation interference, including small harmonic components, and after special treatment, no interference.
  • Pure, steady sinusoidal output
  • Large capacity, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, mute device, high reliability.
  • Strong overload capacity, instantaneous current can withstand 3 times the rated current.
  • There are over-current, over-high temperature, short-circuit, instantaneous power failure protection and warning devices.
  • Suitable for use in resistive, capacitive, inductive and other nonlinear loads.

Use occasion

  • Overseas sales product testing
  • Simulate the power grid condition of the product export destination.
  • Forecast test of all kinds of product certification.
  • Product life test.
  • Power adaptability test in professional laboratory.
  • Transformer, motor and other winding products frequency doubling test.


Technical parameters (single in and out) 500W-90KVA:

Single input single output PMAPS-11005  PMAPS-1101  PMAPS-1102  PMAPS-1103  PMAPS-1105  PMAPS-1108  PMAPS-1110  PMAPS-1115  PMAPS-1120  PMAPS-1130  PMAPS-1145  PMAPS-1160  PMAPS-1175  PMAPS-1190
Capacity 500W 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 5KVA 8KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 45KVA 60KVA 75KVA 90KVA
Circuit mode IGBT VPMW Pulse width modulation method
AC input 1 phase 2 line+G  220V/50HZ,60HZ
Output Phases Single phase
Low voltage 0V-150V  Customizable according to customer requirements
High voltage 0V-300V Customizable according to customer requirements
Frequency 40.0HZ-499.9HZ
Low maximum current 4.2 8.4 16.8 25 42 66.7 84 125 168 250 375 500 625 750
High maximum current 2.1 4.2 8.4 12.5 21 33.3 42 62.5 84 125 188 250 313 375
Frequency stability rate <=0.1%
Load stability rate <=0.5% resistive load <=1% resistive load
Waveform distortion factor <=1% resistive load <=2% resistive load
Response time <=2ms
Indicative resolution Digital frequency meter 4-digit, resolution 0.1hz
Digital voltmeter 4 – digit , resolution 0.1v
Digital ammeter A number below 4A: 0.001a 4A or more than 0.01A.
Digital power meter 4-digit, resolution 1w
Protector Overload, short circuit, over temperature, protection and warning
cooling equipment Forced fan cooling
Environment Working temperature 0ºC-45ºC
Relative humidity 0-90%  non-condensing
Size (high * wide * deep mm) 180*430*460 700*350*540 900*400*650 1100*500*780 1200*710*860 1600*800*1100
Weight(KG) 17 21 25 42 45 100 105 110 120 200 265 320 360 420



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