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PMUZ series three in single out high-frequency online UPS 10kva~30kva

• Product range: PMUZ
• Power range: 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA, 30KVA
• Working mode: three-in, single-out online

Product Features

PMUZ series online UPS adopts double conversion pure online architecture, which is the most effective architecture design to solve all power problems. It appears to the power grid: power failure, overvoltage or undervoltage of mains voltage, instantaneous voltage drop or amplitude fluctuation, High voltage pulses, voltage fluctuations, surge voltages, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuations, etc. can provide a good solution to provide safe and reliable power supply protection for user loads. A product with strong adaptability and flexible configuration. The use of advanced DSP digital control technology effectively improves product performance and system reliability, and achieves higher power density integration and miniaturization. At the same time, in order to fully meet the individual needs of users, it provides a very rich and scalable function, and users can flexibly configure according to their needs.

DSP digital control technology

The use of advanced DSP digital control technology effectively improves product performance and system reliability, and achieves higher power density integration and miniaturization.


Active Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)

The digital power-controlled active power factor correction technology enables the input power factor to be as high as 0.98 or more to avoid pollution to the power grid environment, achieve energy saving, and reduce system investment cost.


Wide input voltage frequency range

The extremely wide input voltage and frequency range enable normal power supply even in remote areas where the power environment is very harsh, reducing battery discharge times and increasing battery life.


Cold start and mains start function

The abnormal condition of the mains can directly start the UPS with the battery to meet the emergency needs.

The battery-free state can be directly used by the mains to start the UPS, which can be used as a high-precision regulated power supply.

Friendly man-machine interface

Rich UPS information display.

LCD display and LED status display.

Zero switching

The double-conversion online design makes the output of the UPS a pure sine wave power supply with frequency tracking, phase-locked voltage regulation, filtering noise, and no interference from power grid fluctuations, providing more comprehensive protection for the load. When the mains is unstable, the conversion time of the UPS power supply mode is zero, which effectively ensures the safety and reliability of the load operation.


Intelligent battery management

Using intelligent battery management technology, the charging design is switched using automatic floating charge.

It has protection functions such as battery overvoltage and overcharge to protect the battery from damage.


Powerful scalability

Smart slots offer a wide range of expandable features, including SNMP cards, RS485, AS400 cards, and EMD environmental monitors.

Perfect protection measures

It integrates multi-function protection such as AC input overvoltage, undervoltage protection, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter overheat protection, IGBT overcurrent protection, battery undervoltage warning protection and battery overcharge protection, which greatly ensures the system operation. Stability and reliability.

It has a bypass function. When the output is overloaded or the UPS fails, it can be turned to the bypass mode without interruption. The utility continues to supply power to the load and provides alarm information.


This series of products are green and environmentally friendly products, which meet the requirements of the EU Environmental Protection Directive RoHS and the national electronic information product pollution control management standards. Under normal use of the product, it will not cause harm to the human body and the environment.


Xinpoming    UPS    PMUZ series three in single out high-frequency online UPS 10kva~30kva
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