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PMUZ series single phase high frequency UPS 1KVA~10KVA

Product series: PMUZ
Power range: 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA
Working style: single-input single-out online

Product description

●Miniaturization,low noise

●High reliability 

● Abundant communication and monitoring 

●Adapt to various grid environments. 

●Flexible configuration as needed. 

● Intelligent management 

●Miniaturization,low noise
With advanced control technology and manufacturing technology, the power density of the product have been greatly improved, and the mini product will  save precious space for you. At the same time, the machine is running with low noise to maintain your quiet working environment.

●Abundant communication and monitoring
Provides VS232 communication interface for local or remote power management. Intelligent sockets are provided to enable users to load Webpower CARDS (SNMP CARDS), TMT CARDS, AS400 CARDS (dry point CARDS) to realize remote management and monitoring functions.

●High reliability

Adopting advanced DSP digital control technology, the product performance is better, the quality is more stable and reliable. With high load and overload ability, load compatibility is good and can be applied to various types of loads. Strong anti-interference ability, meet the strict requirements of IET6100-4 for anti-electromagnetic interference, and provide your equipment with clean power environment. 


Xinpoming    UPS    High-frequency UPS    PMUZ series single phase high frequency UPS 1KVA~10KVA
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