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Single phase HPC series program frequency converter 500W ~ 20KVA

HPC series program variable frequency power supply adopts frequency modulation SPWM hardware technology, high-power MOS/IGB drive, fast response, stable, reliable, and strong overload capacity.

Product description

HPC series program variable frequency power supply adopts frequency modulation SPWM hardware technology, high-power MOS/IGB drive, fast response, stable, reliable, and strong overload capacity. It is applicable to various loads such as resistive, inductive, and rectifier, and has overheating and overcurrent. , short circuit and other abnormal condition protection function, with parameter memory function, shortcut key operation mode, easy to use, power supply voltage online adjustable, output frequency can be optional, using bright LED display, clear eye-catching, large viewing angle, convenient production line Use, with RS232 communication interface, baud rate up to 9600.


Product Characteristics

    Programmable control power limit.

    Applicable load is wide, load power factor is + 0.7~1.

    Voltage, frequency setting, digital keystroke input, high accuracy.

    Has 10 groups of memory, can cooperate with different specifications, for voltage, frequency setting.

    Including GPIB, with TALK LISTEN and other functions, and can be connected to the computer.

    Adopt advanced digital sinusoidal synthetic mark manufacturer, waveform is normal, distortion is small.

    No radiation interference, including small harmonic components, and after special treatment, no interference.

    The starting angle of the waveform can be set, which is suitable for measuring the peak current of the nonlinear load.

    With data input lock function, prevent error data, ensure testing security.

    This series of products above 1 K all use high-tech VPWN technology, high efficiency, good function.

    When setting parameters (such as V.F.T) and LCD frequency-setting values, avoid input errors.

    The frequency range is wide: 45.0HZ / 500HZN: 45.0HZ / 999.99HZ.

    Measuring function: measurable voltage, frequency, time, current, peak current, power, power factor.

    Type subtitle LCD frequency display, functional, set key split, easy and stable operation.

    This machine can set 5 groups of voltage, frequency, time memory, and can do 99 consecutive cycle tests.


Occasions for use

    Professional laboratory (EMI/EMC/ security)

    Manufacturing Plant (quality Assurance / Life Test)

    Export products testing, simulation of national power grids

    Product development test.

Technical Parameters

InputVoltage1 phase 2 lines 220V±10
Frequencies50HZ, 60HZ±5%
OutputVoltageLow grade:0V-150V;High grade:0-300V
Maximum current low (A)4.28.416.825426784126168
Maximum current upscale (A)
Frequency stability rate0.01%
Load stability0.5%1%
Suitable for load power factor0.3%±0.7-1   can be
Total harmonic distortion1%
Meter indicationLarge LCD display: voltage, current, frequency, power, P-P   current, timer
Protective deviceOverload, short circuit, over temperature, protection and warning
Working environmentTemperature: 0°C-40°C Humidity: 10-90%
Size (mm)430*178*515430*220*550425*415*540480*940*600600*1300*720
Weight (KG)3349586681150160180230


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